Tuesday, January 19, 2010

In No Particular Order...

1.  The "big boys" are all back, safe and sound, from a weekend of snow-shoeing.

2.  Mt. Laundry is growing to fearful proportions.

3.  I am feeling a little better.  Not loving the loopy side-effects of anti-histamines, but enjoying the ability to breathe again.

4.  Have not been able to smell anything for three days. This came in handy last night, at about 12:10AM when...

5.  Gunnar threw up.  All over himself and his pillow.  "Mom!  Mom!  Help!  I erupted!"

6.  And then, in his bleary-eyed, middle-of-the-night sick-and-tiredness didn't understand why I wrapped him in a towel and directed him to the bathroom, so he unwrapped the towel... leaving a trail for me to follow to the shower.

7.  I did two loads of laundry between 12:10AM and 6:50AM. 

8.  My sense of smell returned this morning.  And that laundry is getting washed again.

9.  If you've emailed or called and I haven't gotten back to you, now you know why.

10.  Just found out that my cousin was in Haiti during the earthquake.  Must find out more.


leah said...

Nolan and Gunnar must be telepathic, because Nolan spent all Saturday night throwing up. It's just the worst kind of sick!

I hope your cousin in Haiti is OK- I've been praying for the people of Haiti since the earthquake happened. Their faith is very inspiring, because people have been praying and singing in the streets of Haiti ever since the tragedy struck. What a faithful people!

Ruby said...

:-( Hope your day picks up and your little fellow is back on deck.:0)

I do hope you get good news of your cousin. The footage we are seeing of the Haiti disaster and stats are devastating.