Thursday, January 21, 2010

DeAr tootth farie

 Someone is waiting for a visitor tonight.

There was an incident at breakfast.
Followed by a moment of fear,
soothed by motherly reassurances about the workings of the digestive tract.
Let's just say this is one tooth we will not be recovering and putting under the pillow,
and leave it at that.
A note will suffice.
He left this one on my bathroom counter.

Gunnar does not like pulling out loose teeth.
He doesn't even like wiggling them.
We've had issues with this.
His teeth just dangle there until they eventually fall out of their own accord.


Anonymous said...

too cute... hang on to this note. He may want it in 20 years.

Tooth fairies read very well. He'll be taken care of! ;-)

leah said...

I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy understands the situation- poor Gunnar! We're still in the process of cutting baby teeth (Nolan is a rather late teether)- I can't even think about losing them yet!

Anonymous said...

Poor Gunnar! I lost one of my teeth once while sleeping and thought I swallowed it. I wrote a similar note to the tooth fairy. (BTW - I let them hang quite a bit too and would be threatened with, "either you pull it out or Dad will!" Hope his tooth fairy read the note and understood :-) Love, Tricia

Q said...

Stumbled upon you (so to speak) via the Daybook. What a treat! I have two 10 year old boys (who have been home for two years now - int'l adoption), am semi-fluent in ASL and Deaf/HoH issues, home educate, etc., so reading your posts have been so much fun. Thank you!

Organizing Mommy said...

Laughing so hard!! Will you stop already?!! Everyone else is compassionate and I'm slapping my knees.

Herding Grasshoppers said...
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