Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coincidence? I Think Not...

There are times I'm glad to be wrong, and yesterday was one of them.

Although I'm a big fan of "let's keep this simple", I had some concerns about the wisdom of planning Gunnar's team's end-of-season party for immediately following the game.  At the field.  But it worked out great.  Sure it was a bit chilly, but not raining or blowing.  Thank you, Lord!

In an eight-week soccer season we only had one Saturday we got rained on.  Which is why I love fall soccer a million times more than spring soccer.  And now we're DONE.  All my little chicks are back in the nest.  The days are getting shorter and darker, and I'm looking forward to lots of cozy evenings, reading together before bed.

On the way home I joked to the boys, "Now that soccer is done, let the monsoons come!  I don't care!"

And guess what happened last night... the wind came up, the rain poured down, and I lay in bed under my down comforter and giggled.


Ruby said...

Nothing is by co-incidence! Bible Lessons 101!
Enjoy the break from soccer.

The dB family said...

*giggle!* Isn't that a wonderful feeling!