Thursday, October 21, 2010

On Comments and Blogging and Issues

You may have noticed that mine isn't a big "issues" blog.  Call it Motherhood Amnesia* if you want, but I just don't have the time and brain space to keep up.  I'm hopelessly out of fashion, unaware of who is "in" this year month week minute, and don't follow major league sports.  You saw what happened to our last TV.  I don't know who dances with stars, who America idolizes today, or what Bear Grylls is eating.  And reality shows?  If I wanted to see a bunch of arrogant, self-absorbed pin heads with delusions of grandeur pretending to like each other I could watch C-SPAN on youtube.

But I don't.  Between keeping the house, raising the boys, teaching the boys, and trying to keep our ship afloat, along with my sanity (an iffy proposition, at best,) I let a lot go.

I read about it on your blogs!

And here's the funny thing, you'll write something that stirs me up (in a good way) and I start to leave a comment, and as I write I realize that I do still think things, but maybe they have to be provoked out of me.

Sometimes I think I write better comments than blog posts.

So you might get some posts that seem kind of, well, random.  Because instead of leaving a ridiculously long comment on someone else's blog, I'll just put it here and see what you all think.  OK?  OK.

* That temporary condition of being so absorbed in the taming raising of your kids that other things get put on the back burner.  Sometimes for years.


Felicity said...

Oh Julie, I'm so glad someone else has the same 'problem' as me! (I call it that because I can't think of another word right now...)
I THINK a lot. Make that A LOT! But I can't seem to get it into words on my blog. Long ago... when I was still at school, I used to think I could write, and I really enjoyed it. Now... well... my brain doesn't have enough spare space to work properly to eloquently express my thoughts! I've even forgotten some words along the way....

leah said...

I love your postscript- sometimes I think the title of Parent would be better described as Tamer of the Wild Ones. :-)

Now I have to go google Bear Grylls- I assume it is someone on food network, lol.

Cutzi said...

I can totally relate to all of this. Except the reality shows, which I watch... and love. ;-) Well, not ALL of them.

Sometimes I have so many thoughts running through my brain (especially listening to that Voddie) and I want to blog about all of them. But I just don't seem to have enough energy - emotional or physical - to go much beyond crafts, fashions, quotes or funny kids stories. You know, the stuff that doesn't take too much brain power.

Cathy M. said...

I know exactly how you feel. I love to read your blog because of the clever, witty ways you express yourself... and because you remind me of what it used to feel like when my children were still at home. I write a lot more comments on blogs than I actually publish. (I often decide my comment is just unnecessary.)

BTW, I'm memorizing the phrase: a bunch of arrogant, self-absorbed pin heads with delusions of grandeur pretending to like each other. I hope to whoop it out some day in conversation!

Q said...

"If I wanted to see a bunch of arrogant, self-absorbed pin heads with delusions of grandeur pretending to like each other I could watch C-SPAN on youtube."

Oh my gosh, woman, I adore you!

(Although I call it Dancing With the Strippers.)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

For what it's worth, I think you ladies are ALL good writers, and I enjoy your blogs. I feel like I get to know you from the personal things, and you probably challenge and encourage me more often than you know :D

And the whole motherhood amnesia thing... it's just a stage of life, my friends.

Leah - Bear Grylls... Tate and I watched him when Tate had his appendix out. If I remember right, he would be "dropped" in some wilderness and have to survive - build shelter, stay warm, and find food. Or... something like food. He'll eat any disgusting thing that has protein or other nutritive value. I have a vivid memory of watching him eat some very large grubs. EWWWWW!

melanie said...

Nothing profound or eloquent is coming to mind... So, I could skip commenting but since I'd LIKE to say hello, you get this:
Yeah, what you said, and they said. Except the Bear Grylls part ~ survival skills okay, but grubs? ewwww.

The dB family said...

Do you ever have trouble sleeping at night with all the thoughts whirling in your head? I do! And I'm so out of it, I have no idea who or what Bear Grylls is.I'll have to go google it like Leah.

Who said that the taming/raising of kids wasn't a full time job :o)!?