Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Grand and Stately Figure

Tate loves to set up "arranges" of his plastic soldiers,
often related to events we're studying in history,
or things he has read, or just imagined.
Here is his description, in his own words.

This is a birds' eye view of a fortress that I made.

A recon mission is coming out to save other people (soldiers) who are coming into the fort.

There are people everywhere, including in rooms I made, all along the walls.
These people are either manning gun ports, taking a rest, or re-loading weapons.

This is one of the many different sections of the wall, packed full of soldiers ready to fire on command.

Another view of yet more soldiers milling about.
They look like they're either manning gun ports or catching a quick break to eat some lunch.

One of three towers, filled with sharp-shooters up at a higher elevation for a better vantage point.

Inside a room at the rear of the fort, commanders take counsel together while someone shouts orders to the officers.  There's a white figure you can barely see, at the right.  Three of the men are commanders.  One is actually supposed to be Santa Anna and another is Lafayette, but I pretend they're other people.  The third commander isn't actually a known person, but I chose him as one of the commanders because he was a grand and stately figure.  (He was also a one-of-a-kind person who looked a lot like a commander.)


leah said...

Tate really came up with a detailed account of his fortress!That kid has the best imagination! Lincoln logs are on Matthew's Christmas list- I love open-ended toys.

Felicity said...

Hmmm, I've got 3 boys who would love to play too...

The dB family said...

Cool! Very cool! Bub will be duly impressed when I show him (and perhaps a tad jealous at all those army men).


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I love that these boys are still playing with Lincoln Logs and Lego.

Tate will often use our history books, or "Great Battles" for inspiration, and try to recreate an actual battle scene.


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

That is an involved set up! He really knows how to play!

H West said...

THAT is totally radical. The gentlemen around here are jealous.

Anonymous said...

I am totally impressed. WOW!
Diane of Salem way