Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Solidly Good Day

Last night the wind was howling and the rain coming down in sheets, and I thought,
Here it is.  Fall-to-winter.

But today...

... surprise, surprise.  The sky cleared, the sun shone, and it's my favorite kind of fall day.

We made it to 8:30 church without rushing or drama
(which isn't exactly a sure thing, even at the age our kids are).
Friendly faces, familiar hymns sung in four parts, with enthusiasm,
kids - young and old - taking notes on their 5x7 cards,
the blessing, the Gloria Patri,
and cookies after the service, in the cookie room.

From the first Sunday we visited I've loved the way this church sings.
In part, because of Hilda.
(Click the link, it's a wonderful tribute, written by my friend Emily Gibson.)
Also, I think, because we have no "stage", and no "worship team",
so everybody does their part.
Then we went on to Grampa and Gramma Grasshoppers' house
for Aunty Tami and Uncle Dave's birthday celebration.
Not twins.  Born two years and two days apart.

And everyone was calm and pleasant.
And Gramma Grasshopper had cooked a full-on turkey dinner.
And we were pleasantly stuffed.

And on the way home I sighed and said,
That was a good day.

And Tate said,
A solidly good day.



Ruby said...

That photograph is just stunning!
Solidly stunning!

leah said...

It seems yesterday was a gorgeous fall day for nearly everyone! I love the clear skies and friendly fellowship. Here's to more solidly good days to come!

Cathy M. said...

That was a picture perfect Lord's-Day. Thanks for sharing it me.

The dB family said...

Amen! Sounds absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing it with us :o)!


melanie said...

Ahhhhh... =)
God is solidly good!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ruby - I can't take credit for the pic. Didn't have my camera along, so I had to look for a picture that had the "feel" of the day. Solidly good.