Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Quilt Ever

And now, for a moment of humility, I give you - my first quilt ever.

I made it for Gunnar, out of scraps left over from making a bunch of boppy-type nursing pillows.

Clearly, my ambition far exceeded my skill.
I had no idea I should pin the material before sewing.  (Duh.)
Or that the yellow with the blue flowers - a knit - would be impossible to work with.
The corners don't line up.
The lines aren't straight.
The binding is just the backing, folded over and sewn together.
And it's not even quilted.
It was tied at the corners, but most of the ties have fallen out.

I'm tempted to take it apart and try to fix it, but I won't.
It is what it is.
And Gunnar still loves it.


melanie said...

Either it's much worse in real life, or you are just too hard on yourself. It looks cute in the pic ~ and very cuddly. I'm not surprised that Gunnar loves it ~ just like it is.

Yah, you've learned a few things it sounds like. And what did you tell your sons the first time they attempted riding a bike or writing in cursive or reading or... (get the idea yet?)


btw, love the new header commentary... he he he...
I SHOULD be cooking supper?

Cathy M. said...

My first quilt is in a paper sack in the attic; so... you win!

H West said...

That is spectacular. I've attempted 3 quilts. Got the tops done and never finished.

leah said...

I love it! I haven't ever tried to quilt, so I think it looks amazing. Plus, there is something special about having a handmade quilt that is a little quirky- it was obviously made with love!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

It was definitely made with love - which is why it's special to Gunnar, I'm sure :D

And - oh - piecing the tops is the most fun. The actual quilting is a pain in the heinie :o( I actually hired the last one out and was SO GLAD I did!

Ann said...

That sounds a lot like my first (and only) quilt, but yours looks a lot more like a quilt than mine! I'm not sure mine can even truly bear the name! :-) I love yours. It has such personality!

The dB family said...

And guess what? I still like it! I love the colours! Besides, everyone has to start somewhere -- and most importantly, it belongs to a special little boy who loves it very much!


Q said...


Tying a quilt - get embroidery floss, thread a needle, and push it straight down, and then straight back up. (Most sewing is pushed rather horizontally.) Then tie it off in a square knot.

Once all the intersections are tied, get a bottle of Fray Check (my best friend, you can get it from any JoAnne's type store for about $3) and put a dot of fray check on each knot. Let it dry and Ta DAH!

That Fray Check will really help set the knots.

LOVE the colors!