Wednesday, October 27, 2010



... is finished!

Well, okay, nearly finished.

The bottom drawer is sticking a bit and needs some strategic sanding.

But doesn't it look great?

I love the creamy antique white, and the way the knobs and pulls sparkle.

Turned into quite a family project.
And by family I mean, mostly Kerry.

I did most of the stripping (multiple nasty coats of gray-blue, pink, purple, etc.),
the boys - Wyatt mostly - helped with the sanding,
(part of his growing acquaintance with manual labor),
but when it came to the painting...

I balked.

Kerry did it  :D

He's much more finicky than I am so I knew,
number one -
it would look better,
and number two -
he would be happier in the long run.

Maybe not-so-happy to be on the receiving end
of that punt in the short run,
(though mostly gracious about it),
but happier with the end result.


Gramma Grasshopper said...

I'm Julie's mom and this dresser belonged to MY GRANDMA - so that makes it fourth generation to Julie and Kerry and FIFTH generation to all her boys! That quite a life for this NOW BEAUTIFUL dresser. Way to go KERRY - beautiful paint job!

melanie said...

Lovely, just lovely!
Well done, all of you =)

Are those the original knobs and pulls? Or did you splurge? They are beautiful!

Choate Family said...

Beautiful! I especially love the knobs - are they antique?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

The dresser must be 100+ years old, and wasn't probably an expensive piece of furniture when it was new. We all thought the knobs/pulls were original. Certainly, they're OLD!

But when I stripped the paint I realized they're not actually original, as there was a "shadow" in the wood from the older ones. I'm guessing they were brass, like the keyholes.

I like the glass ones MUCH better :D

Cathy M. said...

That really came out nice! Your family is so talented. Has it always been a dresser? It looks like a buffet at my Dad's house. Love the crystal pulls.

Q said...


Inspired now. Our library dining table and benches are currently stripped and ready for staining. Gonna get started this weekend!

H West said...

I am SUPER impressed. That is beautiful.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

It looks a lot like a buffet my mom has too, but instead of all drawers, the bottom of her buffet has cupboard doors and shelves inside.

Now that it looks so good, there's a dresser I want to paint the same color... heh heh heh!

It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's a really luminescent, creamy antique white - not pure white. It almost glows. :D

Happy, happy, happy!

Cutzi said...

Oh Julie - I love it! Good work G family!

Ruby said...

Great job. I love it!

The dB family said...

It is BEAUTIFUL!! You've inspired me to actually do something with my Oma's buffet now. I just have to decide on a colour.... hmmmm....


Ann said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

leah said...

Wow- that turned out so beautifully! I really need to find something antique and get to work- must go to a rummage sale now! :-)