Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Simple Woman 10-5-10

For Today, October 5, 2010

Outside my window...  clear blue skies, deep green fir and hemlock, red virginia creeper, green to yellow to red to purple dogwood, and two families of robins very, very busy in the gapevine, raising one last hatching of babies.
 Brrr!  It's 41F!  (That's 5C, for you metric folks.)

I am thinking...   this is exactly the kind of fall day I love :D

I am thankful for...  a fun day yesterday with the boys, my dad back safely (and successfully!) from a hunting trip, and central heating.

I am praying for...  our pastor (recovering from surgery), my mom's leg to heal (stress fracture), and - as always - more work for Kerry.

I am wearing...  blue jeans, dark green sweater, wool socks. slippers.

I am creating...  hmmm.  Must be creating some Christmas presents soon...

I am going...  to get our school day going, momentarily.  We're getting a late start today due to all our fun yesterday, and not getting to bed until 11:30 - definitely NOT our norm!

I am reading...  The 21 Balloons, by William Pene du Bois, with the boys.  Did you read it when you were young?  I always wanted to make the Airy Go-Round!

I am hoping...  for this weather to last!

I am hearing...  the washer tumbling, (do you think my clothes will dry on the line at 41F?), and the boys talking.  

From the learning rooms...  since we didn't do school yesterday, we have the usual Monday Mountain of books.  Let's see... decimals, the Suez Canal, keyboarding, experiments to do with motion, and memorizing Proverbs that deal with friendships.

From the kitchen...  I was going to cook a turkey today, but think I'll do that tomorrow, what with the late start we're getting.  I have three large bowls of apples to cut up and make applesauce.  Dinner?  Hmm, probably something chicken.

Around the house...  need to tidy, as Kerry is meeting clients in the dining room at 3!

On my mind... my sister and brother's birthdays - yesterday and tomorrow.

Noticing that...  how fast the boys are growing.  *sigh*

Pondering these words...  
Yet such is oft the course of deeds that move the wheels of the world:
small hands do them because they must,
while the eyes of the great are elsewhere.
 - Tolkien

One of my favorite things...  fall days just like this one.
Have I mentioned that?  ;D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  school and soccer.
And more school.
And more soccer.

Here is a picture I am sharing...

2007?  2008?  Not sure...
I think 2007.


Felicity said...

I just LOVE the photo! The boys look so good.
5C sounds COLD! Poor little birds raising babies in that...
Enjoy your week,

amber waves of grain said...

Fall is a wonderfully beautiful time of year-- definitely my favorite season! Hope your applesauce turns out well-- yum!

melanie said...

Great pic, Julie. Not sure whether I should
Ahoy, Matey!
or just salute

Have a great week!

Choate Family said...

Love the quote - I'm writing it down to encourage me :-)

leah said...

Oh goodness, that photo is adorable! It makes me want to have a third boy! :-)

It was 43 degrees when I took Matt to school this morning. The rain won't let up. The boys are bouncing off the wall (crafts aren't cutting it anymore). If the rain keeps up, we're playing outside and getting wet tomorrow, before everyone goes insane. I far prefer snow to rain!

We just had apple pie for dessert last night. I love this time of year!

A Gracious Home said...

What a wonderful picture. The boys are so cute and the colors are amazing. Enjoy your apples. Doylene

Ann said...

Oh, I loved 21 Balloons! Such a fun book! And, you just described a beautiful winter day for us! :-) I think I would really love your fall!

From the Sagerats Den said...

Love that photo! I enjoyed reading your daybook, thanks for sharing!