Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sons of Thunder

You know how names have meanings?

I think boys should all be named with verbs, y'know what I mean?  Action verbs.  None of those pansy state-of-being verbs.

Yah.  That would be my boys.

Running, jumping, kicking, yelling... you get the picture.

Wyatt and Tate had a 7:30 call time for an 8am game.  Yah.  We were out the door at 7am.  On a Saturday.  (Gunnar's game was a little later... we had to divide and conquer.  He did great :D )

And, no, those pictures weren't taken today.  In the wet and windy darkness of 7am, the camera was the last thing on my mind.

Wyatt and Tate have been having a really tough season.  Their team spans three grades - kids from 11 (Tate) to 14 (Wyatt) - and a vast gulf in ability levels.  Many of the boys have never played together before, and the coach is new to most of them as well.  Lots of frustration.  And lots of 8am games.  And, apparently, some adolescent boys don't like early morning games.  Unlike mine, who were up at five-fifty this morning.  I know not why. 

But today was good.  They played like a team.  And they kept their cool when the other team - older and bigger - fouled them repeatedly.  And Wyatt even kept his cool when he got called on a foul.  (He deserved it ;D )  And, though they lost, they played like champs today.

And Wyatt came home, had a shower, and finished his math from yesterday without any drama.  So that was huge.  Huge.

Between bursts of the carbonated hormones of adolescence, there is hope of coming maturity.



melanie said...

Soccer must be good hormone therapy?


Glad your early morning efforts are providing some early rewards!

Abi's Blog said...

Once again, thanks for providing a smile - I LOVE your writing! Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow -

Ruby said...

You gotta love these hectic days! Another few years and I reckon you will be missing all those early starts and muddy, windy soccer games, no?

The dB family said...

Hmmm, we had those early mornings for swim team. They worked out rather well for us too. Perhaps it's the earliness of the day, and the exercise. No worries, there's hope :o)!