Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All Day Long

Am I the only one who looks around the house at the end of the day, at all the detritus of living with three boys and a husband, and wonders, What did I do all day?  Because it doesn't seem to show.

In fact, just to prove to myself that I do actually do things, I decided to write them down on Saturday.  In spite of the house still looking... well... lived in, on Saturday I:

1.  Made strawberry jam.  Which didn't set very well, but tastes pretty good.  The sprinkle of cinnamon was a good idea.
2.  Cleaned the goldfish bowl.  And why am I doing that?  It's Gunnar's fish.
3.  Grabbed Tate (because the others were sleeping in all the way until eight!) and ran to our favorite bakery for donuts, to surprise the fam.
4.  Made a cooked breakfast to go with the donuts, in a vain hope of everyone skipping lunch.
5.  Washed dishes twice (before and after breakfast.)
6.  Went outside between torrential downpours to rescue the peonies (which the deer have thus far overlooked) from being beat to the ground by the rain.
7.  Forced the minions to tidy the living room so I can appreciate looking at my flowers without all their clutter competing visually.
8.  Spent an hour diddling around online.  Possibly more, but I wrote an hour and I'm sticking to it.
9.  Three loads of laundry.  Fun times.
10.  Figured out how to get into the boys' CAP eservices accounts and paid their annual membership dues for them.  Yay, me.
11.  Went for a walk with Gunnar.  Did not bring camera.  Probably should have as he was impressed by grass growing taller than his head.  Pretty sure it will still be there tomorrow.
12.  Made gourmet lunch of boxed mac and cheese, and there was much rejoicing.
13.  Washed dishes.  (#3)
14.  Cruelly forced Wyatt to sit down and transfer the answers from his standardized testing into the little bubbles.
15.  Sorted the boys' school work between stuff-to-keep and stuff-to-recycle.
16.  Mobilized the minions to empty all the garbages and recycling between more rain showers.
17.  Moved more books downstairs, so the house won't collapse.  Not that it probably would, but I'm a little paranoid about 110 year old balloon-framing.
18.  Made minions clean up several million Lego pieces from the floor of the playroom we just cleaned yesterday.
19.  Finished vacuuming said playroom floor.
20.  Dust mopped upstairs.  Left pile of dust bunnies for boys to clean up when they vacuum the stairs.  Hopefully, soon.
21.  Dug lemon balm (growing in the alley, escaped from someone else's garden) to transplant.
22.  Made giant pitcher of sweet tea with lemon as an alternate way to get caffeine without drinking Coke (my weakness).
23.  Threw chicken, green beans, cream of chicken soup, and stuffing mix into crockpot for dinner.
24.  Read the book my bro/SIL gave me for my birthday.
25.  Ran upstairs to turn off and unplug my computer as a thunderstorm rolled in.  (Paranoid?  Maybe.)
26.  Reset all clocks after power came back on.
27.  Picked through wilted salad in fridge to find enough for everyone to eat at dinner, with crockpot chicken.
28.  Dishes.  Again.
29.  Let Kerry talk me into watching two-and-a-half hour sci-fi movie with the boys.
30.  Wondered what on earth ever made him say he thought it was a movie I would really like.  (Does he have no idea what kind of movies I like, after 18 years of marriage?  Or does he just say that to trick me?  One of the mysteries of life, I guess.)
31.  Showed Tate how to recharge his CI power cels.
32.  Resisted impulse to call my brother and ask if my SIL had gone into labor, naturally.
33.  Sleep.

And this, my friends, is why I have thousands and thousands of devoted readers.  (eyes roll)


Felicity said...

Julie, I may just be one person, but I'm definitely a devoted fan... you have a knack of telling about daily life in a way that brings a smile to my face.

I'm so glad I am not the only one who picks through wilted salad... ;-)

And don't mention the Coke.. why does it have to be so NICE!!!

Crystal in Lynden said...

All in one day!? What's your secret? On the schedule for today, library and ice cream. :-)

Anonymous said...

I always found writing what I did down didn't answer the question "what did you do all day" because it was never enough :)
As far as the coke addiction... take it from me...who drank 4 - 5 cans a day most of her will live to regret it... it will cause all kinds of troubles.... good thing you are looking for alternatives. Good Earth original tea is good...cold or hot ... now my vice.
Keep up the good work... it will all be worth it when your kids grow up and call you blessed!! They will.. be comes...and it brings grandchildren along :)
Diane of Salem way

Lisa @stretchmarkmama said...

So glad you posted that! I may do the same. Every day I feel like, "Man. I worked hard but what the honkey-tonk did I do?"

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks, you guys. Sometimes I have doubts about hitting 'publish'.

Oh Diane! I'm pouring some tea :D I'll allow myself one coke, if it's available, which is why I don't usually keep it in the house. But it's tempting...

dlefler said...

I love it. We are always so "busy" and the day rushes by - I have a hard time keeping up with the house! Yesterday was library (to pick up new books), a playdate with friends, a trip to the grocery store to buy soccer snack, soccer, and then catching fireflies). Today we're off to the gorge to hike in the creek. Tomorrow we are STAYING HOME because I need to clean! Haha!

Choate Family said...

Who can find a virtuous woman, for her price is far above rubies?

Sounds like it was a great day! A good balance of work and play and relationships :-)

Jena said...

HA! I love the list. My friend, Barbara walked into the house, and my husband said, "so how's the herding grasshoppers?" He thought FOR SURE it was you or you were her or something like that. When I showed her your picture she said, Oh My! We do look alike.

tammy said...

I LOVE this post! I may just show my husband tomorrow - not that he ever asks me the dreaded question, "What did you do all day?", but because I promise you, I JUST sit down minutes before he comes home and he always seems to come home right when I sit down to check email or write a blog (which is WAY overdue). AND, Ryan (my 15 yr old) and I had a "discussion" the other day about just how much he does everyday and decided he would "write it all down" to show me just that! I think his list will work in my favor! lol.

The dB family said...

Yep! Parallel lives. What do we need to do differently? Haha!