Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Brain Dump

What a week!  Between winding down our school year, Memorial Day (holiday) on Monday, and being in Seattle for Tate's CI surgery, we're totally discombobulated.  But it's all good :D  And life goes on, in spite of the fact that we totally missed National Doughnut Day yesterday.  (How is this not a standard holiday on every calendar???)

So, in random news...

1.  Tate and Gunnar are already done with their science and history, but are still plugging away with language and math.  Wyatt, however, has much work to do.  Don't tell him, though, I'm going to drop the last chapter from his math book.  I want to have a nice surprise for him on Monday morning. :D

2.  Wyatt and the CAP group are in a parade today, but I have forbidden Tate to go.  Though he would, if I let him.  They're providing the Color Guard and bringing up the rear of the parade, thus will be waiting in a parking lot for everyone else to go first and then marching.  And it's raining.  So I made an executive decision.

3.  Welcome to June-uary.  May is such a tease.  We get all excited, thinking summer is nearly here, and then it rains.  And rains.  And rains.  *sigh*

4.  Tate is doing great.  Though he has politely refused pain meds, he surprised me by accepting an Ibuprofen at bedtime.  At first I wondered if he was more sore than he admitted, but something he said made me realize it was me he was concerned about.   I told him he could have the ibuprofen if he wanted it, or he could go to bed without it and wake me if he started hurting (like if he rolled on his left side in his sleep.)  He wanted to take it at bedtime, so he wouldn't have to wake me up if he wanted it later. 

Is there such a thing as being too polite?!  Tonight I'll have him leave one beside his bed.  I don't think he'll need it.

5.  Funny little Gunnar quirks...  he has a few of them.  Gunnar just sees the world a little differently, and always has :D  He used to say upsidewards for upside down, and pot-hippo for hippopotamus.  He once told me that if black holes suck in light and things, there must be white holes somewhere that spit it all back out.  But the thing I want to remember is how he states ranges backwards.  Instead of saying "from 4 to 6", as most people would, he'll say "from 6 to 4".  Or something like, "The temperature today will be from 65 to 60 degrees."  And, no, he's not dyslexic, just quirky.

6.  In my discombobulation this week, the Mother Load has proliferated.  Today is going to be a major cleaning day (fun! ha ha), so I'd better throw something in the crock-pot for later.

7.  The woman is the governor of the home.  I seem to remember hearing that quote somewhere, but can't find a source.  Anyone?  The intent lies in an alternate meaning for "governor".  Rather than a ruler, it means a device that automatically limits the speed of a machine.

Can any of you identify with that?!

That's what I have to do all the time, and right now especially with Tate.  He really is doing well, but he's been known to push himself too hard.

My mom and I remember an incident when he was still in public school.  All the second graders were putting on a little show.  Tate went off to school, happy and excited for me to come for the performance in the afternoon.

The show lasted maybe half an hour and we watched Tate fading, before our eyes.  A friend of mine - a nurse - looked at me and mouthed, Is he okay?  He looks like he might faint.  I was ready to jump up and grab him, but he held on to the end.

Turns out he was coming down with strep throat and had a fever of nearly 104.  But he didn't want to "quit"!  Poor kiddo!

So, while he probably would manage today's parade just fine, I think I'll keep him home!  Just call me the governor.


dlefler said...

I absolutely love the "governor of the home" comparison - that is right on the money.

I hope Tate takes it easy enough to fully recover! I love Gunnar's out-of-the-box thinking - now I'm thinking about white holes!

So I looked it up and there IS such a thing ( - apparently, Gunnar is just a future physicist!

Felicity said...

I also like the "governor of the home" comparison!!
I have one quirky kid too - she gets everything back to front or even completely muddled - we just LOVE it!! I hope she doesn't stop too soon because it's just too special.

Ann said...

Tate makes me think of Angela. Makes me wonder if it is a birth order thing or a personality thing. I like the "governor" comparison, too. That's neat!