Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's My Birthday And I'll Clean If I Want To

Why not?  We had a work day at the chapel today, and boy-oh-boy did we get a lot done!

But let me back up a minute...

Two-thirds of my boys (guesses?) got up early to give me a surprise breakfast-birthday-party.  Sweet, or what?!  They found balloons and decorated the kitchen, laid out everything for breakfast (guess who cooked?) and even made me both ice-water (full of ice, the way I like it), and a cup of cocoa (nice and chocolate-y).  Kerry and Gunnar had gone out shopping yesterday and Gunnar had planned a whole procession of flowers that the boys were to carry into the kitchen.  But lest you think all was sweetness and joy, here's where things started to break down a little.  Tate didn't hear and Wyatt just ignored Gunnar's request for them to meet in the garage.  Gunnar decided to get their attention by hitting the "lock" button on the car keys, which makes the horn on the van beep, briefly.  But - by mistake - he hit the alarm button.  And then couldn't get it to stop.

Good morning, neighbors!  Happy Saturday!  

Welcome to the Testoster-zone.

Oh well.  Scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls made everything good again :D  And then we were off to the work party. 

You know it's going to be a good day when one of the elders instructs you to "be ruthless".  If it looks like it hasn't been used, get rid of it.  If only part of it is there, get rid of it.  If it's stained/broken/moldy, get rid of it.  Albert, my friend, you are speaking my language In an odd sort of way, being released to do this kind of purging is a wonderful birthday gift :D

I sent Wyatt and Tate off to do "outside" work, and Gunnar and I headed for the basement to clean out closets and cabinets in the warren of Sunday school rooms.  And let me tell you, I know which teachers are tidy and which are "messies":D  (And my kids have loved all of you!)  Gunnar and I tidied and organized and cleaned and de-cluttered and filled a jumbo-size trash bag.  We designated one room as I don't know, and piled all manner of random things on the table (which may all end up at Goodwill) and another room for Sunday school papers - leftovers from past-years' curriculum (recycling?)

And we learned all kinds of things we never knew about the chapel.
  • Several decades ago they ran a Calvinettes program. 
  • Someone wanted to do 100 Craft Projects with Popsicle Sticks.
  • At one time there was a mouse problem.
  • We probably have enough brads to last until 2020.

But what we already knew about the chapel is this - we have great people :D  I bet more than twenty folks turned out to work this rainy Saturday morning.  Older folks, younger folks, whole families.  And everybody helped and got along, and there was joy and tidiness and yardwork and pizza for all.

And now to clean my office...

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Traci said...

Happy birthday Julie!!!!!!Hope you had a great day.