Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Festival of Flags

I really should have had this up closer to Memorial Day, because it's such a special thing.  Every year a local cemetery hosts the Festival of Flags on Memorial Day weekend.  Fifteen HUNDRED flags line the paths through the cemetery.  They're flags that were presented to the veterans' next of kin, and then donated by the families to the cemetery.  Each flag has a plaque with the veteran's name.

These aren't my pics - I think they're from the CAP facebook site.

It takes a lot of help to set up 1500 flags!

Briefing time...  So many people come on the day of the ceremony that the cadets all help with traffic control and parking.

Wyatt looks attentive, though I'm not sure why his safety vest is under his gear vest.

An official flag arrived via Department of Homeland Security Blackhawk Helicopter (probably the highlight of the boys' day... just being honest!)

The ceremony included an Air Force brass band, a Pearl Harbor veterans, lots of veterans, a fly-over, and then a '40's band and food :D

So glad the boys are part of this.

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Rebecca D said...

Wow... You had so many posts for me to catch up on!
The flag ceremony day sounds really cool. It sounds like a fun way to spend the day.

The rocket course and launch day also sounds like so much fun! My girlies did robotics for awhile (when we home schooled and they were closer in age to your guys) but watching rockets launch sounds like more fun than watching homemade robots accomplish tasks... painfully slowly... I will deny it if it is ever repeated but watching a robotics competition was a bit like watching paint dry... I was secretly relieved when they decided not to do it after three years!

We have a transportation museum here too, but no where near as cool as yours. Ours covers all kinds of transportation, not just flight... Even though it's at the airport!