Friday, June 1, 2012

For Real?

I know, I've said "Amazing" before, but let me say it again.


That's how Tate is doing, post-CI surgery.  He has NONE of the potential side-effects, other than soreness.  No nausea.  No dizziness.  No weird sense of taste.  Nothing weird with facial nerves.  Have I missed anything? ;D  And we both slept great last night.

Today he's had a quieter day than usual, but it's rainy and he probably would've been inside a lot anyway.  He has a bunch of the Redwall books from the library to keep him occupied, movies if he wants, and he's been spending time with the bunnies :D

He doesn't seem to be having much pain at all.  I know he wants to be tough and I might be concerned that he's concealing it, but his body language is very relaxed.  He doesn't look like he's in pain.  When asked, he just says he's sore.  On the pain scale he puts himself at a 1-2.

Twice a day I put antibiotic ointment on the incision, which is tender.  It follows the crease behind his ear and it's hard to get the ointment all the way down there.  Tate suggested using a Q-tip and that's made it easier.  The only other thing I notice is that he's careful about swiveling his head from side to side.  Maybe that pulls on the skin around the incision?  So he's rotating his torso more than his head.  That will pass.  For heaven's sake, just two days ago they drilled a hole in his skull, and today he's "a little sore"!

I know we still have a lot ahead of us, with activation, mappings, and therapies. ( I think the most intimidating part to me is mastering all the new technology!)  But we are so very thankful to be off to such a good start, and thankful to all our friends who have gone before us and are so encouraging.  THANK YOU!

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name!
     1 Chronicles 29:13


Crystal in Lynden said...

That is great news! And I love the new blog look.

tammy said...

That's is just awesome! I know Aiden was a lot younger, and it can be harder on older ones, but the day after Aiden's surgery, you would've never known he even went through a major surgery.

Felicity said...

How wonderful that he's doing so well! I'm so glad for him (and you too, of course!)

dlefler said...

I just love this. Thank goodness the CI surgeon took his time to avoid hitting any facial nerves - I am so happy that he doesn't have any of the side effects! Hopefully he'll go from a "little sore" to "just fine" in a week or so - it is just absolutely amazing!

Piotr said...

It's Q - Just read the posts and can only sit weepy that this went so smoothly and that he's pulling 15/16 active. Our God is so big!!! Much love to all.

Anonymous said...

Well yay! Been praying for him!