Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rocket Launch

Oh boy.  If this is a family journal, I'm falling behind!  Kerry just brought me a zip drive full of pics that I want to keep track of, before the memories fade.  My old policy of assuming I'll remember isn't working quite like it used to.

Shortly after Wyatt and Tate joined CAP (last summer) they started a monthly rocketry class.  Not only have they been studying the principles of rocketry, they've been building them.  I think they each built two - a one-stage and a two-stage rocket.

May 26 was a perfect launch day, but for a bit of breeze, as you'll see... ;D

They were able to use the play field at a local school, which gave them lots of space.  And, being Saturday, no kids around.  

Wyatt also brought a rocket that he bought and built at home.  Here goes The Pencil...

... It went all right.  Right into the woods, and was not retrievable.  Oops.  Still, there were lots of rockets to launch!

Wyatt and Tate have learned to cut holes in the parachute.  If you don't, and it's breezy, your rocket might drift a long, long way...

In fact, it might drift....

... right up onto the roof of the school.  Oops.

Pretty sure they've done this before, though, as they came prepared with a fishing pole, with - oddly - two Sharpie pens tied to the end.  Wyatt was able to snag the parachute and drag it all down.  Well done!

Just in time for another one :D

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