Monday, June 18, 2012

Grasshopper Days

Grasshopper Days

For today, June 18, 2012

Outside my window...  cool, green, and damp.  Crazy rain, lately.  Happy June-uary.

I am hearing...  the dryer tumbling (no hanging anything out to dry today).

I am thinking...  the boys are done with their schoolwork, so how is it that I got so little done today?

I am praying...  my SIL is due today, but no news  yet  - praying all goes well with the delivery.  And...
Tate gets his processor tomorrow!
Trying to keep our expectations realistic, but we are really excited!

I am thankful...  that fifteen family members spent the afternoon together yesterday and everyone got along.  I mean, I'm thankful that it's normal for us all to get together and get along!

I am wearing...  oh, I'm so dull.  Jeans.  Blue t-shirt.  Blue sweatshirt.  I knew I wasn't leaving the house today.

I am creating...  once I get my office cleaned up... I'm so excited!  For my b'day my sister got me a bunch of precut batiks (4 and 5 inch squares) to make something for ME :D  I'll have to plot for awhile, but I'll come up with something fun!  It's all bright and saturated colors.  Lots of blues, yellows, and turquoise.  My happy colors.

I am going...  slowly crazy?  Or, to Seattle (area) at least three times this week.  Once for Father's Day and twice for Tate's appointments, so it's all for a good cause :D (But still a lot of driving, for this homebody.)  But this is going to be the summer of Tate's appointments.  A few of you know what it's like, following up CI surgery with your kids means a LOT of appointments.  Not sure how many times we'll be down to Seattle, but at least the weekly therapy is here in town.  Plus, the kids are due to see the doctor, the dentist, the orthodontist...  It's a thrill a minute at the Grasshopper house.

I am reading...  The Book That Made Your World, by Vishal Mangalwadi.  Intriguing.  My brother and SIL gave me a book for my b'day and my cousin gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble.  I think they were both thinking of me sitting through a lot of appointments this summer!  And they know I love to read :D

I am looking forward to...  seeing Tate's response to the CI!  And really, really looking forward to the benefit it can bring him.  Imagine how much more he could be hearing!  And hearing at the beach, with the Neptune!  Can't wait!!!  (Enough explanation points?)

In the kitchen...  made sweet and sour chicken for dinner and there is a lingering smell off garlic and sesame.  Time to light one of my birthday candles - another goody from my brother and SIL.

In the learning rooms...  peace and quiet.  Putting ideas and plans together for next year.

Around the house...  oh, the clutter!  Gunnar got some more Legos for his birthday (always a hit) and the boys have been playing with a lot of the "old" ones, with all the rain lately.  Jena, where are you?  It's time for a blitz!

The Mother Load...  I've been feeling overwhelmed lately.  So many details to keep track of!  Not that any particular thing is difficult; there's just so many of them.  Forms to fill out.  Stuff for CAP to file online.  Books to catalog.  Closets to clean out.  Vacuuming.  Sweeping.  Dusting.  Mopping.


Time to harness the minions ;D

Noticing that...  how is it that I can give my boys hair cuts while I am FULLY CLOTHED and yet end up itchy because there are little hairs inside my braHow???

Something I want to remember...  besides everything on the Mother Load?  Wait, that wasn't what I meant...  something I want to remember later, when the kids are grown:  how Tate LOVES to wrap something tiny in a HUGE box, even though - at age 13 - he must know that we're onto him.

A favorite quote for today...  Salute and execute.

One of my favorite things...  gift cards.  Kerry and my folks also got me gift cards for my b'day.  I think I like it because I can't get all guilty and feel like I need to spend it on the groceries, instead ;D

A few plans for the rest of the week...  back and forth to Seattle a few times... but it's all good.

A peek into my world...

 Guess whose hairy legs those are?


dlefler said...

I woke up and realized it was June 19, and got really excited and checked your blog. Of course, it is only 9:30am here, which means it is only 6:30am in your neck of the woods... so OBVIOUSLY Tate hasn't gotten his processor yet. Still, I'm excited for you guys today - good luck and lots of prayers!

Kat said...

I cannot wait to hear how activation went! I'll be "stalking" your blog to hear the update!