Monday, June 25, 2012



Some days just go like that.

After a crazy-busy week of back-and-forth to Seattle, motivating Wyatt to finish his testing, starting therapy with Tate, and trying to keep the fam on an even keel, Kerry noticed that we had no plans for the weekend.  An intolerable situation, from his point of view. (See my eyes rolling?)

And that's how we ended up having a lovely family (of six) over for lunch on Sunday.

And this is what happened:

*  The bread I started in the bread-machine before we went to church didn't rise properly.  I think I added salt when I should have added sugar (not enough "food" for the yeast?)  There was just time for a quick run to the grocery store before our guests arrived.

*  I cut my finger, slicing veggies in a hurry.  Then realized...

*  The sweet tea I made the day before had leaked all over the fridge.  Sticky.  Oh joy.  When they arrived, to find me with my head in the crisper, I told them they were SUCH SPECIAL COMPANY I decided to clean the fridge in honor of their visit.

*  I forgot to serve the potato salad, and found it (in the fridge) after they left.

*  While the kids were playing a game outside (maybe sardines?) Gunnar crawled through dog poop and got it all over himself, requiring assistance getting undressed (to keep it out of his face and hair), an immediate shower, and special high-power load of laundry.  I'm not sure there's water hot enough for that kind of situation, but we tried.  Ewwww.

*  And the upstairs toilet is clogged.

*  As our (very-much-enjoyed) company left, I looked around the house at the dishwasher full of dishes, the sink full of dishes, the leftovers that need to be put away, the crumbs on the floor, the movie that needed to be returned to the corner store within ten minutes, the sand spilled in the boys' bedroom, and noticed the forecast for several days of rain... I reminded the boys that they needed to mow the neighbor's lawn.

*  But Kerry insisted they shouldn't work on the Sabbath.

What about me?


Crystal in Lynden said...

Hahaha, love it! I've pondered the irony before too.

dlefler said...

I'm sorry, but I am chuckling over here! Hahaha! I hope you get some rest on Monday (though a mother's work is almost never done)!

Choate Family said...

Real life, friend. You could come to my house, and I think you would feel better seeing my mess :-)

The dB family said...

Johanna says it well. When I feel my stress level rising, I always tell myself that tomorrow is another day and that the mess will still be there tomorrow -- although if the cleaning fairies want to come through the night that is fine by me :o)!