Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Farmer's Day Parade

One more!  (This day may be some kind of record, but I want to get caught up!)

Last Saturday CAP provided the Color Guard and marched in the local Farmer's Day Parade.  And I do mean local ;D  This isn't exactly the Pasadena Rose Parade, y'know?  But it's great :D  FYI, if parades aren't a big thing where you are, traditionally the parade is opened and closed by a Color Guard with our flag.  There may be many flags throughout the parade, but there "must" be one at the beginning and end.  Also, if you had good home training, you know that you should stand (if you're able) when the flag passes.

Being a protective mom, with Tate only two days home from the hospital, I didn't let him march this time.  There's always next year.  Meanwhile, here's some local flavor for you :D

I have no idea about the cowboy in front of the Pipe and Drum group, but the shoe below symbolizes the strong Dutch heritage in this area.

I'm not sure why this raspberry picker is listing, but everyone seems happy.  Berries and dairies, my friends, berries and dairies.  That's what a LOT of local farmers here do.

There's no mistaking why this is called the Farmer's Day Parade!

We apparently have some tractor "segregation" going on...

Lots of flags :D

Next weekend is the annual Logger-rodeo in Deming.  Lots of competitive events (log-rolling, climbing, etc.) and a fund-raiser for injured loggers.  This year's "Bull of the Woods" rides in state, on his throne.

More support for the logger-rodeo.

Some of our friends passed by with their 4-H group.  That's Kai on the little tractor, and...

... his brother, Rafe, tossing out candy.

The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) led the parade and the CAP (just a few of them) brought up the rear.

It may be a small town parade, but they take their duty very seriously and did a great job.

Wyatt studiously avoided looking when church friends called his name ;D  (He's in the middle, in the back.)

And that's a wrap.


Rebecca D said...

Wow... Another post? You are incredible!

I love parades and small town New England parades are (in my opinion) the best... Or they were, lately some of our little festivals and such have had a lot of national coverage. (Like Today show coverage.) This results in A LOT of tourists at our parades... Why is it people seem to leave their manners at home when they travel? Maybe mid-coast Maine only attracts rude tourists? Anyhow, long story short, I still love parades but the people who attend them have ruined the last several I've been to... This makes me very sad.

Ann said...

The tractor segregation made me laugh. If we had parades like that here, we'd have the same thing!

Choate Family said...

Loving all of the pics and the peek into life in your neck of the woods!