Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Falling Into Autumn

I love coming home.  Especially when the house is lit up and welcoming.  The sky was much, much darker than the photo shows (my camera is smarter than me) and it was pouring.  But I love this view anyway... so cozy!

And on a crisp, sunny fall day :D

We did a bit of 'winterizing' before our vacation; mowing the lawn and putting the picnic table back in the garage, leaving this empty patio outside the kitchen.

We left our outdoor fire-pit stocked with wood :D

And the porch is swept clean of dead or dying summer annuals, hoses, hummingbird feeders, cobwebs, dried leaves, and dead bugs.

And with the days getting darker and colder outside, I want the inside to be extra-inviting.  And with the power going out once in awhile, candles are for more than beauty.

Kerry helped refinish this old dresser last year.. quite a project, and I'm so glad to have it!

Pumpkin spice :D

I know... it's a strange assortment of stuff.  For some reason these little chickens crack me up.

Next up?  Fall colors outside...


Ann said...

I love this post!

The dB family said...

I am in LOVE with your home!! So beautiful!


melanie said...

Looks great, Julie ~ those chickens make me smile too : )

Crystal in Lynden said...

Your home is lovely. So warm and cozy!

Felicity said...

Lovely! It makes me feel a bit uncreative... maybe I should try changing decorations according to the seasons. I really like your table-top decorations!