Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More From The Minions And Me

Progress :D  Good has been done here, today...

Peeling and chopping 10+ pounds of potatoes.
  • Did our little bit of school work.
  • Baked turkey - yes, I do it ahead.  It tastes just as good and frees up the oven.
  • Made two large mashed potato casseroles.
  • Tidied and dusted the living room
  • Dusted the dining room light and tables
  • Cleaned/disinfected all light switches and door knobs
  • Cleaned the fish bowl  (Jack is much happier.)
  • Cleaned and organized the fridge - gotta make room.
  • Cleaned the stove.
  • Cut out paper "thankful tree" and a bazillion leaves.
  • Scraped disgusting blackened grout from behind the kitchen sink, and Kerry regrouted.
  • Made tomorrow's list :D
And all, for some unknown reason, on about three hours of sleep.  Why???  I don't know.  Came home from Messiah last night and just couldn't turn my brain off.  Not tossing and turning in anxiety or sickness, just laying (lying?) in bed, listening to the wind howl, and the music in my head.

Until about 4am.


Q said...

I predict a nap in the early afternoon!

leah said...

WOW, now that is a long night - I love the Messiah and I can't wait to take the boys (when they're just a wee bit older and able to sit quietly for more than 4 seconds)!

Baking the turkey a day ahead of time is a smart idea.. I made the cranberry sauce today, and we have bread crumbs drying out on the counter for stuffing. I love Thanksgiving - tomorrow is a day for eating and being thankful for so many things!

Happy Thanksgiving, Grasshopper clan!

The dB family said...

Ohhhh, that's the worst! I'm glad you could still be productive. I hope you're able to sleep better tonight.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!

Blessings and hugs!

melanie said...

I did not finish today's list... but I.just.can't.do.one.more.thing... except maybe take a HOT shower before I crash.

g'night & Happy Thanksgiving!

beach babies said...

Lookin' good! And I'm with ya on the non-sleep. Have a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!!!!

Choate Family said...

My brain used to be so busy after coming home from a rehearsal. I never could just head to bed, either! So thankful you get the chance to sing in the Messiah year after year :-)