Saturday, November 26, 2011

Veteran's Day

Catching up on some bloggy "housekeeping"...

November 11th Tate woke up, giddy with excitement.  Aunt Tami and Uncle Dave met at our house for brunch, and then I delivered them to the airport, to launch Tate's 13-year Disney Extravaganza.  More about that later.

Meanwhile, Wyatt and several of the other CAP cadets met at the cemetery to place flags for Veterans Day.  That's Wyatt, sliding a flag out of the van.

The weather quickly deteriorated, but the work continued.  (Wyatt in red.)

I don't know if you can see how hard it's raining in the picture, but I hope you can see their smiles.

Well done.


Q said...

Wyatt . . . Thank you! I have a grandfather - career military (Korea, WWII [Big Red One, Purple Heart], Vietnam)who passed away a few years ago. Always such a blessing to see these men honored and so appreciate your work!

leah said...

What great young men. I have two grandfathers who fought in WWII (one liberated Dachau and the other marched from Italy to Germany). I have a cousin who is a Green Beret, currently serving. Thanks for honoring our soldiers!!

The dB family said...

I love seeing posts like this. It brings tears to my eyes.