Friday, November 11, 2011

Salute, and Then Some Random Thoughts

Today is Veteran's Day, here in the US.
To all who have served and are serving -
many thanks for our freedom.

Busy morning at our house...

1.  Wyatt was up bright and early, in uniform, to meet his fellow CAP members at the cemetery, putting flags on Veterans' graves, in the wind and pouring rain.  Tate would like to have helped, but...

2.  Tate is on his way to Disneyland!  My sister, brother, and parents joined us for brunch to send off the travelers - Tate, Uncle Dave, and Aunty Tami.  He has been bouncing off the walls all the live-long week.  We are ALL glad to see this day finally come!  Praying for smooth and safe travels, and a fabulous time.

3.  Did you know that walruses have air sacs in their throats that they can inflate and use as a life preserver?  I learn something new every day.  Thank you, Gunnar, and Apologia Science.  Which reminds me of some unfinished business...

4.  Last summer we hatched butterflies again.  I think this is the third time.  The boys love it every time, and it fit in with our summer science - birds, bats, and bugs.

These are Painted Lady butterflies, and are native to basically the entire North American continent, so -  lucky for us! - it's pretty hard to mess up ;D  I think this time we were four for five.  My friend Leah has a much funnier take on this...

5.  Having completed their obligations and schoolwork for the day, the boybarians, minus Tate, are melting their brains before the Eye of Mordor, aka "having screen time."  Oh well.  Those lovely fall photos I posted?  A distant memory.  We've moved on to rain and wind.  I might have mentioned that already...

6.  The clutter... it breeds and multiplies.  I try to confine it to my office, but it's threatening to stage a breakout and engulf the rest of the house...

7.  Gunnar has decided that when he grows up he would like to work at the zoo.  He wants to take care of the lovable animals.  You know, the affectionate ones.  This category is possibly much smaller than he imagines, but I'm encouraging him anyway.

8.  This whole brunch concept is very difficult for me.  We haven't had lunch yet, so how can it possibly be 2:59 and why is it getting dark already?  Oh.  Hail.

9.  Off to do battle with the Mother Load, and a happy weekend to you.


Crystal in Lynden said...

You make me giggle. :-)

Felicity said...

The Eye of Mordor - how funny!
Thanks for your comments on my post, it clarified things a bit.
Interesting fact about walruses.. we learn so much from homeschooling don't we?
I hope Tate has an awesome time!!
Sorry your weather is cold and rainy, but it actually sounds good to me right now...;-))

Ruby said...

We call 11/11 Remembrance Day. I beleive it was called Armistice Day for many years. Also remembering our servicemen and women.
As always, your days are busy and entertaining!

leah said...

Why does fall always seem to pass so very quickly? Sigh... we seem to transition from summer to winter very fast in our neck of the woods.

I had no idea that walruses had air bladders in their necks. Oh, the things you learn! LOL!

We didn't do the caterpillars this year, and I sort of regret it. Sort of. I think we'll do it next year again (we're so cheap that we just go around to local milkweed plants and collect the free leaves and caterpillars).

I hope Tate has fun at Disneyland!

Choate Family said...

Thanks for the peek into your day. One day, I hope to come share some days with you and yours!

The dB family said...

Frass?! Now that's a fun and interesting word. I'm going to have to come up with some creative ways to use that one in a sentence around the kids and see if they catch on.

God's creation. So masterfully designed.