Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Laughing With Me

I'm glad a few of you had a little giggle with me about the tragic loss suffered by the art world last week.  I hope you could hear a friendly chuckle of disbelief rather than a mean, mocking cackle.   Some artists - probably most - pour their hearts and souls into their work, and I respect that, even when I don't care for the finished product.

Still, living in a college town, I've seen more than my share of "art" that is little more than a random collection of garbage, perhaps painted vividly (and more often than not, with obscenities,) and presented as deep, authentic, emotional, soul-expression.   And it works so much better if it has an unusual title, perhaps a prepositional phrase, or a even participial phrase.

So, in my moments of free time (and twisted sense of humor), guess what I found

There are Random Generators for writing prompts! 

Did you know this?  Why am I the last one in on the fun?!  I could use these with the boys, but that's for another time.  Today, I made up a little game for myself.  Gunnar and I asked Uncle Google for some pictures of modern art, and then trolled the generators for titles.  Which probably make as much sense or more, as some of the things I've seen.  So, completely randomly, I present you with our results:

Inside the Box of Stale Breakfast Cereal

Touching Her Nose to Prove It Was Still There

Tearing the Sock from His Throbbing Foot

Upon a Chair of Solid Gold

Before the Throne of the Cruelest King

Waking Suddenly and Without Any Explanation

Joking aside... no, no, not quite...

Okay, okay, I'll stop now.  Gunnar and I found one we actually liked.

Have fun, and good night :D


Felicity said...

I like the last one, but the rest... WEIRD!

Organizing Mommy said...

You are hilarious! And yes, the last one is awesome.

melanie said...

I had started a comment on the previous 'art' post but decided to bite my tongue ;-) We had a piece of modern 'art' in the nearby college town that, um, was not inspiring. Although, how 'modern' is metal ductwork?

My son says he's seen the bike tire on the stool pictured in an encyclopedia. So rest assured, it is preserved for posterity ~ ha!

When art imitates nature ~ God's creation (ie, the eagle), it can be beautiful!! The rest is just... at best laughable.

Ann said...

Love the last one. But, I'm really wondering how we grew so twisted that #6 can truly be considered art. I mean, I've seen some strange things referred to as art, but that one takes the cake.

The dB family said...

What a hoot! I like the last one too.