Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Goose Is Getting Fat

Christmas is coming, and guess what I've been doing?
  • Wrapping twenty-four Christmas books.
  • Tying seventy-two little candies on our candy-strips.
  • And down-loading a new set of Advent devotions. (Already started.)


The dB family said...

I looked at our books to wrap them this year because I like your tradition so much, BUT we have some trouble this year with small children and book respect :o(, so I'm afraid to do it.

Now I'm off to check out your advent devotions link as I've been looking for something new. Thank you for the link!


Doug Hibbard said...

Thank you for mentioning my small contribution to your Christmas preparations!

And next year's version will have questions for discussion. I just have to start earlier and get Ann to help me with writing those!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

We're enjoying them, Doug. I'm sure others will too :D

Choate Family said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to wrap a gift for the teacher and prepare for the class Christmas party?

leah said...

I wrapped our books today. And Matt opened the first one tonight - it is Nolan's turn tomorrow. We read The Christmas Story (a beautifully illustrated version of the KJV rendition of Luke's account) - I had to change the wording, though, to simplify the language a little. They still loved it. Mostly. Nolan kept asking why the angel was falling into water (there was an illustration of the angel Gabriel flying into the sky) - I think he missed the point of the story! Oy.