Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nimrod, A Mighty Hunter Before the Lord

Grandpa Grasshopper, aka "Nimrod", went elk hunting with a friend, way up north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and boy did he get a big one.  You can't see all the tines, but it's an eight-by-eight.

You can better see the size of the animal in this picture.  They estimate it weighed around 1100 pounds.  That's a lot of meat!

Well done, Grandpa Grasshopper!


melanie said...

1100 pounds sounds like some of the steers we have out here! :D

We bought some elk jerky at the farmers market last weekend for a gift - but they had no samples for us to try. :-\

WEll done, you - Catching up all these posts of your November doings!

leah said...

WOW. Just wow. That elk is HUGE!

That is going to make a lot of venison (is elk meat venison?) - way to go, Grandpa Grasshopper!

I should post the picture of the 350 pound bear that our neighbor shot behind our house. I don't have many "unbloody" shots of it, though, so I have refrained. Suffice it to say, the thing was massive!

The dB family said...

WOW!! That's HUGE!! He must have been a majestic site when he was alive. Now I see lots of crockpot meal in your future.