Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Hunting Season

Oh, you thought hunting season was over?  

Well....  it's turkey season, now.

No, I don't go out hunting these.

This is more my speed :D

Of course, it's not without its risks...

But we've avoided disaster so far :D

The biggest trick is fitting them into the freezer.  "Them" you may be asking?  Yes, THEM.  I get four or five (or six) each year.  Why not?  They're easy to cook, delicious, and who says they're just for Thanksgiving?  I'll bake a turkey, serve it for dinner, and freeze the left-overs to use in recipes that call for chicken.

And they're on sale!

I don't know about where you are, but here?  If you're local, run right down to Cost Cutter or Food Pavilion.  If you don't have a coupon, ask at customer service and they'll give you one :D  Spend twenty-five dollars on other groceries (in the blink of an eye, in this house) and you'll get:

A box of stuffing mix
A can of chicken broth
A can of green beans
A can of cream of mushroom soup
A can of cranberry sauce
A packet of turkey gravy mix
A dozen fresh rolls
A five-pound bag of potatoes
A turkey, up to twenty pounds

for twenty bucks.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas Baked Turkey Taquitos, turkey pot pie, turkey-salad sandwiches, turkey enchiladas...

What do you do with your leftovers?


melanie said...

Oh yes, all that, but don't forget soup! My dad made a trade with me -- we got the meat from the 22-pound turkey he bought for me, but he wanted the carcass back... so he could make real turkey soup ;D

leah said...

WOW. THat's a deal! We get our turkey at Wegman's and you get it for $0.48 per pound if you buy $25 worth of groceries. YUM!

It is hunting season here, too - our neighbor just shot a 350 pound black bear in the woods just behind our house. True story. Dennis helped four other men load it onto the ATV - we took a picture of our neighbor's hand next to the paw for scale. It was kind of sad to see such a beautiful animal put down, but I'm sort of glad it isn't in the woods behind my kids' swing set, ya know?

The dB family said...

Yum! I do the same thing. Have you ever posted your turkey enchilada recipe? If you haven't, would you be willing to? I have some turkey leftovers that would love to be made into enchiladas :o).

Blessings and bon apetite!

Choate Family said...

This is our fourth Thanksgiving overseas, and we finally broke down and bought a 4.5 kilo turkey. I wish it was as cheap as yours...