Monday, April 27, 2009

And Here's Why... (from below)

Let's look, for just a minute, at our new Secretary of Education - Arne Duncan.

Under his 'stellar' guidance the Chicago Public Schools managed to reach these lofty educational heights:

83% Below grade level in Reading

87% Below grade level in Math

77% Below grade level in Writing

84% Below grade level in Science

And you get all this for the bargain price of $10,550 per student.

I guess his "Green for Grade$" program ($50 for an A, $35 for a B, and $20 for a C) didn't end up costing very much.


leah said...

Sad, very sad! At least the schools in our area fare pretty well, but we have rural schools with small classes (one local high school has a graduating class of just 40 kids- total). I don't think the schools up in Buffalo do as well, though!

Mrs. Squirrel said...

The dumbing down of America...

It's expensive in so many ways.