Monday, April 27, 2009

Simple Woman #16

FOR TODAY April 27, 2009

Outside My Window... bright sunshine and blue sky, boys running laps around the house (is that recess or P.E.?)

I am thinking... the dust is still settling in my mind from the homeschool conference we last weekend.

I am thankful for... being home :0), the boys had a great time with grandpa and grandma, we were encouraged and inspired at the conference, and - though it may be cold - the sun is shining.

From the learning rooms... I had been frustrated (with myself) that we took longer to study weather than I had planned, and didn't get through nearly all of what I hoped to cover... and then, here we are, reading about the Renaissance in history - new ideas about all kinds of things, from the Reformation to the universe - and starting to study Astronomy for our spring science. Amazing how things "work out".

From the kitchen... I'm cooking down an older Elk Roast with some onion and red pepper in the crockpot, to have BBQ sandwiches for dinner tonight. Don't have any nice rolls, though... maybe I can make some, or put it over rice.

I am wearing... well, darn it, it looks like spring, outside, and I'm trying to wear my bright spring-y clothes... but thinking I might feel more comfortable in jeans and a sweater!

I am creating... wow, talk about guilt-inducing... I haven't worked on a quilt for weeks, so what am I "creating"? Order from chaos, plans from messes, and dinner. Actually, as ideas from the conference sift and settle, I'm creating a new - or revised - vision of homeschooling.

I am going... to get the boys started on our history lesson in just a minute, in hopes of finishing in time to have lunch before the "MITI Moms" arrive. That's "Moms In Touch International" - but "Mighty Moms" sounds more fun! The kids definitely think it's fun to get to play with all of the other kids ;0)

I am reading... I am supposed to be reading "A Tale of Two Cities" for book-club this Thursday night, but so far have not been able to get past the first few pages. Not sure I'm going to bother, at this point.

I am hoping... this whole "Swine Flu" thing turns out to be nothing, that my boys will be able to focus on their lessons, and that Kerry gets some work... soon.

I am hearing... boys playing, the furnace blowing, the breeze blowing (!), and my tappety-tappety fingers.

Around the house... I am really feeling the urge to spring clean. Not just to clean, but to get rid of more and more stuff. Kerry will hate this.

One of my favorite things... checking things off my list (or erasing them from the DE board, as the case may be).

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: MITI Moms (prayer group), two more swim lessons, AWANA, our Pastor's birthday party, book club, a Pioneer Day field trip, and more I've probably forgotten. *sigh*

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



Denise Portis said...

Don't you love what boys see through a camera lens? I love it!

It is so HOT here today. It jumped from cold frosty mornings to "mid-July" like weather! All my summer clothes are in the attic... where they'll stay at least for today.

Deborah said...

Recess or PE? I say both!

You're not the only one with the urge to get rid of stuff, stuff and more stuff. That was one of the reasons we took last week off, but between all the appointments, I hardly got one thing accomplished. I want to be able to donate all our stuff to our church garage sale, but at the rate I'm going it's not going to happen. At least we got the gargae cleaned out a couple of weeks ago!

What a pretty butterfly!!