Monday, April 6, 2009

Simple Woman #13

Simple Woman

I enjoy doing these Monday "Simple Woman" posts, but the picture on the linky button just didn't work for me... the Victorian looking woman, in a big poofy dress, probably writing with a pen made of a feather... it's just not me.

Then, of course, the writing in the logo was... hmmmm.... unclear. Yes, I know it ways "Simple Woman", but at a quick glance it looked more like "Ample Woman", which just doesn't have quite the same pleasant connotations.

At any rate, I'm not clever enough on the computer to come up with my own "button", so I'm using the house picture for my Simple Woman posts. Now, if only there were three boys running around the corner of the house, shrieking at the top of their lungs, with squirt guns or water balloons in their hands, it would be true to life. But it'll do :0)

FOR TODAY April 6, 2009

Outside My Window... a cool, blue evening, new leaves starting to unfurl on our trees, and a few flowers beginning to open.

I am thinking... about how this week may - or may not - shape up. Gunnar seems to be on the mend. We'll see how tonight goes. I didn't exactly get a lot of uninterrupted sleep last night.

I am thankful for... Gunnar seems to be feeling better. He's successfully eaten (and retained) water, sprite, crackers, applesauce, and about three bites of dinner. And the ibuprofen. Hallelujah.

Also, that my parents are home from their vacation. Did I mention how thankful I am that they live just 20 minutes from us?

And that this week we're taking a spring break, and the weather is lovely. Sunny and "warm". Okay, for the PNW it's warm - up in the 60's.

From the learning rooms... nothing "official". You know, we're absolutely not learning anything while we're on break. But we are reading about the Reformation...

From the kitchen... the sounds of the boys cleaning up the dinner dishes - rice, teriyaki chicken, and green beans.

I am wearing... this may come as a shock, I know... jeans. But not a thick fuzzy sweater, just a long-sleeve t-shirt.

I am creating... I have a plan for the hula girl material. Kind of ambitious for me. If I can do it, it will look kind of abstract. Very different. I couldn't find any leafy (banana leaf) type material that worked, but found a bright-ish green that will be okay.

I am going... to stay home as much as possible this week! Local schools are on break so we are taking one too - the kids and I can all use it, and that way they can play with their friends :0)

I am reading... The Suncatchers, by Jamie Langston Turner, and I'm going to read "A Fighter Pilot in Buchenwald", by Joseph Moser - that's the speaker Kerry and the boys met last Friday. (I'm assuming the title pretty much sums up the book...)

I am hoping... really, really hoping that none of the rest of us catch whatever Gunnar's had. Something nasty is going around. In my cousin's daughter's elementary school, her class of 23 had only 10 kids show up one day recently. Yikes.

I am hearing... the sounds of spring - birds and little frogs.

Tate caught one yesterday at our friends' farm, and had it in a bucket for awhile. Tate had scooped up some muddy water, leaves, etc. to make a temporary home for the little frog while he showed it to all of us. One of their little girls looked into the bucket and couldn't see it. Tate pointed it out and said, "Frogs are very skilled at looking like a little piece of nothing."

That would be camouflage.

Around the house... clutter and more clutter. I've been a bit distracted today.

One of my favorite things... the way the laundry smells when it's been dried on the line, especially fresh, crisp sheets.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: precious little. No piano lesson, no AWANA, no sign language class...

We're looking forward to Easter. If everyone feels well, we'll be at church for Maundy Thursday (soup and bread dinner, and the Lord's Supper), Tennebrae Service on Friday, and then Easter morning service and Easter Brunch. Then to my parents' house for family Easter.

And, yes, we do have an Easter Egg Hunt. The plastic eggs are filled with candy. To avert tears and to satisfy the "N@zis of Fairness" (my boys), everyone hunts a designated color of egg. Laugh if you want, but it's all good :0)

A picture thought I am sharing: look below for laundry on the line... aaaahhhhhhhhhh.


The Squirrel said...

regarding "N@zis of Fairness": When ours was little, she was with me when I stopped to pick up some luxury item for myself (you know, soap, deoderant: luxuries!!!). She wanted a toy she saw, and loudly proclaimed how unfair it was that we were buying something for me and not for her, too.

I told her that, of course, it wasn't fair. That all the parents had had a meeting and decided not to ever be fair to our kids again. Shocked look on her face, supressed laughter from the checker...


Herding Grasshoppers said...


Actually, I'm thankful that they're getting to the age of reason, where they can understand that some things won't be fair. And that other things that don't appear fair, will get evened out eventually.

And when they're a little older...

Do we really want things to be fair? Or do we want grace?

I pick grace :0)

Deborah said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it said Ample Woman *snicker*. I love your new picture. Your home is beautiful!

Aaaaah yes! Laundry on the line! Love it!!

Missus Wookie said...

Nothing wrong with wearing jeans every Monday.. or ever day for that matter.

My kids (and I'm including all I babysat for too) learned early that life wasn't fair it was tough. As in, 'Lifes tuff huh?' which when quoted back at you by a two and half year old is very cute :lol: