Friday, April 17, 2009

Creature Feature 4-17-09

It must be spring... the boys are catching things.

We didn't properly identify what kind of salamander this was.

We have lots and lots of little green tree frogs.

Wyatt got such a good close-up that you can see the shimmery greenish-gold color of his skin.

For such little things they are really loud! I'm told that in the days before computer everything, these are the kind of frogs that Hollywood used for "night sounds".

Wyatt was surprised I had posted his pictures without telling him. He pretended to be outraged, but actually was flattered. He's responded to your nice comments below. :0)


The Squirrel said...

Oh, the look on that frog's face is just great!


Mrs. Squirrel said...

Do all home-schools have such a wonderful science lab? Ours was never that 'hands-on' even through High School!

[P.S. I used to pick up snakes and frogs as a kid, too!]

Herding Grasshoppers said...

He does have a funny expression, doesn't he?

The boys really 'drive' the animal collections. If they can catch it, feed it, and maintain it (outside!) they're welcome to it, but I'm not big on inside pets.