Monday, April 13, 2009

Simple Woman #14

FOR TODAY April 13, 2009

Outside My Window... a cool, cloudy day, but no rain. Squirrels are busy in the yard and the trees. Sometimes I hear them on the roof and then see them jumping into the branches of the dogwood outside my window.

I am thinking... about what I still want to "cover" in this school year and how to allocate it in the weeks we have remaining... or not.

I am thankful for... Easter, grace, the resurrection, and Cadbury Mini Easter Eggs.

From the learning rooms... Martin Luther, Henry VIII, Gutenberg, and the printing press.

From the kitchen... left-over turkey, which I cooked on Friday. One more night of yummy left-overs, and the rest goes into Turkey Pot-Pies.

I am wearing... it's cold again. Jeans, turtleneck, wool socks, layers. Oh, and my "new" hair-cut. Having had it short since last spring, I decided to grow it out long again. But I couldn't stand all the scraggly ends across the back, so last Tuesday I evened it all up. I cut about three inches off at the longest part (now it's all about chin-length.)

Kerry didn't notice. When my folks came to dinner on Friday Mom said, "So, Kerry, what do you think of Julie's hair-cut?"

Deer in the headlights.

I am creating... the quilt is on hold, but the curtains are up! When we moved in there were mini-blinds on every window. Let me just say that when you have two people in the house who are semi-allergic to dust, mini-blinds are not such a good idea. Unless you particularly enjoy dusting. Every. Individual. Slat.

I don't.

When we remodeled we ripped them all off, but never replaced them. Which, on the one hand, looked wide open and bright and clean :0) But, as we live on a corner, did give us a bit of a fish-bowl experience. And occasional startling moments with wildlife.

Like the night I was up late finishing a book. I had that creepy feeling of being watched, turned around to look out the window, and there was a deer staring right at me. And licking bird seed out of the feeder. Anyway...

I received some gift cards for Christmas and finally got around to picking out curtains and rods. All I wanted was white sheers. It still looks wide and bright and open and clean. (Not a fan of dark, heavy, or cluttered.) But we have at least a bit of privacy.

Also, I'll have to get a picture, but sometimes on a sunny afternoon the light can seem harsh - high contrast between the light and shadows. And I love how the sheers scatter and reflect the light around the living and dining room.

Enough about my curtains.

I am going... I have been to "MITI Moms" - my nickname for our Moms In Touch prayer group. Funny how in this group most of us have boys, boys, boys. We know how to pray for each other. :0)

I am reading... "A Garden To Keep". I have six books by Jamie Langston Turner. They're not a series - each one stands alone. But I'm finding there is "more" to the stories when I read them all together. Characters, places, and themes overlap. Very interesting :0)

I am hoping... that as spring comes more people decide to build or remodel. And they call Kerry to draw their plans. Yeah. That'd be good.

I am hearing... the "sounds of spring" - 5? no 7? maybe 8? boys playing in our backyard "Dino-opolis".

Around the house... new curtains. But I said that.

One of my favorite things... chocolate.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: getting "back in the groove"... piano lessons, sign language class, AWANA, etc.

A picture thought I am sharing:


Deborah said...

Looking forward to seeing your new curtains :0).

Can you believe we made it through an entire weekend without any gifts of chocolate? How have I survived?!?

Noel said...

i love that picture, i recently cut my own hair too, it was long and I just couldn't take the messy look any longer, some lengths just don't work :)

Anonymous said...

This is a cute post :)
It reminds me of the types of things I'd write for my creative writing class back in high school to get myself in the creative mood...