Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another home's cool moment

This following is brought to you by the mind of Tate.

Sometimes Tate is trying to be funny, and other times he just is funny...

While studying grammar, I asked him to write a description for each kind of sentence, and listed them for him. He got off to a good start.

"A statement... gives information." Yep.

"A compound sentence... combines a sentence with another." So far, so good.

"A question... asks what's going on." Okay, pretty good. And very revealing about Tate's world. With his hearing loss he misses a lot of information. A fairly high percentage of his questions are for clarification.

But then he came to exclamations and commands, and couldn't quite remember what I wanted. So he improvised.

"An exclamation... makes a point."


"A command... makes a very good point."

Another part of his grammar work was a fill-in-the-blank story (kind of like Mad Libs).

If I were asked to sift the recesses of my mind and come up with three animals, four people, four things, and four places I doubt I would've come up with a leopard, elephant and gecko, an Arab, a peasant, an Emir and President Taft, a bomb, tables, a can and slime, and a bump (in the earth), Mars, the sun, and Britain.

Only a 10 year old boy would put all of those in the same (very short) story...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, I have to comment on this too. I am laughing my *face* off right now.