Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Case You Wondered

It was a typical afternoon.

The boys had finished their school work and were outside playing. Neighborhood boys were stopping by on their way home from school to play in Dino-opolis. In fact, Dino-opolis has become such a "happenin' place" that they've expanded (much to Kerry's chagrin) into a more visible corner of the yard they now call "Samaria". Sounds like a Bible name, but I think they started out calling it Some Area, or Some More Area, and it just ran together.


Since Kerry works from home (out of his Executive Garage Office) we can both keep an eye on the kids. The sun was shining and all was well.

When I went to get some laundry off the line I realized how quiet it had become and asked Kerry where all the boys were.

In the garage.

What are they doing?

Uhhhhh... makin' things.... out of stuff.

In case you wondered.

1 comment:

The Squirrel said...

lol- Things out of stuff... Oh the possibilities!

Nothing expensive, I hope.