Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random thoughts on Sunday evening

Let me just say again how much I appreciate our church and our pastor. I love how the folks at the chapel sing. Not that I necessarily love every song. In fact, they sing a lot of songs I've never heard before. What I love is that they all sing. Everyone. With enthusiasm.

For the most part today was a very pleasant and refreshing day :0)

And in other news...

1. Kerry took the boys to a father-son "thing" Friday night put on by - I think - the Christian Business Men's Association. They had a great time. All kinds of manly man stuff - archery, skateboarding, cars, a flight simulator, and much much more. And the speaker was a WW2 Pilot who had been in POW Camps and in Buchenwald. Very interesting. They got home late.

As I was tucking them into bed Gunnar looked at me and burst into tears. My first thought was that the manly man dinner (hot dogs and chili) didn't agree with him. But when I asked him why he was crying he looked utterly lost, and said, "I don't know!"

I think being over-tired and over-stimulated has a lot to do with it, but as I comforted him and talked with him I began to realize that - honestly - he was crying over the victims of the holocaust. He'd seen pictures of the camps... the people, and he was weeping over it. My little tender-hearted manly man!

2. Try, if you can, to understand the thought process of a 7 year old boy.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner last night, and Gunnar was in the bath. One of the quirks of older houses is that you'll often have a bathroom directly off the kitchen. Nice. So, he was playing in a bubble bath and I was wiping off the counter, when he stood up, buck naked, but for a few strategically located clumps of bubbles, and said, "Look at me, Mom!"


Then, a moment later, when Kerry went in to get him out of the bath and into jammies, Gunnar insisted that the door be closed for privacy.

Because that's obviously really important to him.

3. And to update you on a previous post... After a nice time at morning church, and a lovely afternoon at the home of some friends...

Well, it's too soon to know if it's flu or the result of hours and hours of running around and jumping on the trampoline and not enough water, but let's just say that we made a rather dramatic exit from evening church and leave it at that.

Gunnar almost made it too the door.

Well, now he can join the ranks of his brothers who both have "barf stories".


Doug Hibbard said...

Everybody needs a few barf stories from church.

My kids, unfortunately, seem to have injury stories instead.

Oh well. The church didn't realize that I wouldn't really need medical insurance, just that they'd need liability insurance.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

In response to Gunnar and the bath, I just say one word:


leah said...

Oh, goodness. We are still on vacation so I'm WAY behind on my blogs, but poor Gunnar has sure had a time of it, lol. I love the bubble bath scene. Nolan got his own barf story this week- thank goodness it was with his grandparents at McDonald's and we got to miss out on the "fun."

Your kids are too funny.