Friday, July 11, 2008


Occasionally, at long intervals, I actually do something RIGHT.

This morning I was on my way out the back door with a load of laundry when I heard the boys in the playroom having a somewhat heated conversation about their toys.

I try to balance letting them work things out on their own (!) with training them to to be patient, polite, kind etc. so I went on out and hung the laundry before I went in to check on them. The frustration level was still pretty high, and the floor was covered with building projects. I reminded them that if they couldn’t work it out and play nicely, the K’NEX would have ‘go away’.

A moment of silence… pondering that.

I started to walk away and heard Wyatt say, “Yeah, guys, remember the Lego-Fast?!”


Last year, when I got tired of hearing them bicker about whose LEGOs were whose, and who built what, ad nauseam, the LEGOS had to ‘go away’ for awhile. Weeks. We called it the Lego-Fast.

They remembered! That actually sobered them up a bit. It worked!

As I headed upstairs for another load of laundry I heard Gunnar say, very politely,

“Could somebody please help me? Like, Wyatt for instance?”

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