Saturday, July 12, 2008

What boys do

Okay, I'll admit that this is one of the cooler summers I can remember. "June-uary" has passed, but July is no heat wave. We don't even have the pool up. Yet.

So, while I'm kind of a "GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY" N@zi, not that the kids need much encouragement, I have let them hang out in the house more than usual.

So this is what they do: LEGOS LEGOS LEGOS.

My tidy, orderly, neatfreak side is kind of shuddering because, "You're mixing up all your sets!" But I suck it up, because they're having fun. It's their sets they're mixing up. And they are having fun AND being creative.

The first pic is some sort of Star Wars training station, which they could monologue about for... a very long time.

The second pic is all kinds of space-ships they have collaborated to build. They are sitting on the futon in the family room. Mind you, LEGOS are the ONLY thing that has sat on that futon in probably 9 months, since the TV broke.

Works for me!

I believe they have dismantled the Jedi Training Camp and done something with Wyatt and Gunnar's new birthday LEGOS.

Coming Soon: Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple of the Golden Banana

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