Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gunnar-isms #2

It's a good thing Gunnar is so cute.

No, let me rephrase that. It's a good thing that Gunnar has such a tender spirit. (AND he's cute.) Tate usually weighs his words and actions carefully. Wyatt and Gunnar tend to pop off without thinking so much, first. But Gunnar, of all the boys, has the gentlest heart.

Lest anyone make the claim that girls are more verbal than boys, check out the expression, the 'voice', the array of adjectives that Gunnar can fire off at the drop of the hat:

"Mom, it isn’t fair! I didn’t even get to finish my game! You’re just being mean, unfair, unlovable, and unlike-able! You just don’t understand. In fact, I would rather have a different mom. I wish there was no such thing as parents either. I don’t even like you!”

I had to admit, I was momentarily dazzled by the variety in his barrage of insult. It was difficult to contemplate an appropriate consequence for the disrespect while I was stifling laughter.

And it was just as well, because his tender heart did him in. Just a moment after stomping out of the room, he had composed himself. And, fortunately, so had I. He came to me crying, and asking forgiveness, which I was happy to offer.

Kids are nothing, if not changeable.

On another day we were out for a walk and he said to me, "Mom, you’re like Jesus to me.”

What do you mean? “Because you love me so much, you’re like Jesus to me.”

Now that's more than I can live up to.

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