Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oregon... 2008 #2, Wyatt's Birthday

This trip happened to fall on Wyatt's birthday. He was quite excited to have his party on vacation!

Here he is, with his celebratory Dr. Pepper, standing in front of all his booty...

"Is it time for my party yet?"

He is 12 years old, and quick to remind me that in one more year I will have a TEENAGER!

Lord, have mercy!

Aunt Tami brought some fun 'party lights' to add to my party decorations. You can see we're a real high class and hoity toity outfit.

Note to self : Never buy duct tape at the Dollar Store.

I've probably mentioned that Wyatt is really interested in birds. He was happy to receive four (I think? or five?) very different bird books, including one with over 100 recorded bird calls.

And, because he is indeed nearly a teenager, I couldn't resist...

Lastly, note the serious look on Wyatt's face here - a look of controlled ecstasy. None of my kids are very excited about cake. For Wyatt's party, he requested Raspberry Pie. We brought raspberries down (and a good thing we did, because the grocery store in Lincoln City didn't have any!) and I made three pies the night we arrived.

Believe it or not, Wyatt ate nearly an entire pie himself!

Happy Birthday!

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Grandma has to comment here - Wyatt ate almost one whole pie by himself OVER SEVERAL DAYS - NOT IN ONE SITTING. And YES! we all had a wonderful time! We also all got in better shape climbing those stairs!