Saturday, July 5, 2008

Taking care of Mom?

We were on a family hike a couple days ago, and the boys - being boys - all immediately searched for "walking sticks". The trail crossed patches of snow, two or three creeks, and boulder fields at times, as we walked along a river bed that has had devastating flooding over the last few years. Lots to see, lots to hear, and lots of rocks to throw!

Gunnar and I walked together most of the time, as his short little legs can't always keep up, and he's not as sure of his balance sometimes. But - being a boy - he'd never want to let THAT be known!

So, as he was going down a short but steep section of loose rock, he reached out and grabbed my hand. In a sturdy little voice he said, "It's a good thing I have this walking stick, mom, so I can stabilize myself... and YOU!"

Wouldn't you love to hold these hands?!

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