Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oregon... 2008 #6

I know, I know, you thought we were just on vacation.


Actually, we were on a highly education field trip. Besides the lessons in Social Studies, with lab-work in Rites of Passage, (10 people sharing a house for a week and a birthday party), as well as frequent meteorological observations, there was the obvious daily field work in Marine Biology.

We had the somewhat creepy fun of (gently) poking the anemones and watching them fold their tentacles in.

And, hey, boys are nearly always interested in watching the food chain at work.

Do you know what these Sea Stars are busy doing?

That's right - they're EATING.

Witness the effects, below.

They have cleaned the rock (over to the left) of mussels, and are happily eating their way to the right.

I don't know if they mess with the anemones... let me know if you do.

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