Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oregon... 2008 #1

Yes... vacation! Grandpa and Grandma invited us all (our family, plus Aunt Tami, Uncle Dave and Annie) out to the Oregon Coast for a week of relaxing and family fun.

Here's our beach house ------------------------>

Doesn't it look like a beach house?! Kerry and the boys and I had the downstairs (a separate apartment) but we all gathered upstairs, which made enough togetherness and enough 'space' for everyone :0)

The day we arrived and the following day were QUITE cool - misty and windy, but the rest of the week was glorious. Not hot... not at the Oregon Coast... but quite a relief after driving through 100F on our way there.

Our rental was on a fairly high bluff. It's the second one back in the picture, and had 112 steps down to the beach! There were a few landings, with benches, so if you needed a rest... And lots of decks on the house, PLUS an enclosed (ie out of the wind) hot-tub and an extra enclosed area, just for whatever. Reading and napping, mostly!

Those were some pretty serious stairs!

I have to say that I would not want to OWN that house. Seemed like one good storm could take it all away (!) but it was great for a vacation.

You could sit in the living room and feel like you were on a ship!

<--------------- Dave and Annie on the deck :0)

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