Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Creek

Last week, we all went down to Ashford to visit Grandpa Burke (Kerry's dad) and Granny Mary. Thankfully the weather was good and the kids were able to be outside the vast majority of the time. Give them open spaces, water, and animals to watch or possibly even catch, and they are in hog heaven.

They spent a LOT of time playing in the creek, but - being boys - they don't just play in the creek.

I mean, water is fun, but mud... well, even better! When I saw Gunnar covered with mud, I knew Tate had to be involved. (Thankfully, he had remembered to leave his HA in the house!)

Sure enough.

I'm sure he pioneered this activity!

I'm just glad we don't have leeches.

And they managed to stay out of all the stinging nettles!

Of course, Wyatt wasn't content just to walk through the water either...

I think he was trying to make a bark 'skim board'.

I'm guessing, from the wet marks up his backside, that he was having rather limited success making the thing go.

And, of course, what self-respecting boy would be content playing in the SAFE areas of the creek, when he could climb up and down the slippery, moss-covered stones of the waterfall over and over and over again!

Boys just have to conquer. And there were no major falls, no broken bones or anything.

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