Friday, July 25, 2008

Indiana Jones... #5???

Yes, it's finally here. The previously promised and anxiously awaited (you've been on pins and needles, right?)...

Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple of the Golden Banana !!!

And, believe it or not (and you will, when you see the close-ups), the pictures were all taken by the boys!

Above, you see Indy's base on the right, and part of the Lost Temple on the left. I'm sure it's hard to see in the little picture (though you can enlarge it by clicking on it), there are MANY booby traps in the Lost Temple of the Golden Banana, all of which have been demonstrated to me with great enthusiasm, relentless narration, and gruesome sound effects. If Indy somehow manages to get past the snakes, alligator, and fire ants, and then successfully navigates some kind of balance beam apparatus, he still must avoid the suspended grand piano (in the pic, on the left) which is ready to fall and crush an unwary treasure hunter.

<---------- Indy cautiously proceeds through the temple.

He uses his whip to swing over the "Tusks of Terror" ------------->

Finally, we see Indy with the coveted Golden Banana. Success! He leaves the Temple victoriously.

(Gunnar insisted I use the word "victoriously".)


(Cue the theme music and the applause.)

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