Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Testosterzone #14... or so

Cleaning up from breakfast this morning, I noticed a funky smell in the kitchen and asked Wyatt to come take out the trash.  He looked with disdain at the things I was mixing in the crockpot and gave a suspicious sniff, as if molasses, beans, and bacon could be causing the problem.

No, I assured him, meat scraps in the garbage were undoubtedly the source.

Still unconvinced, he lifted the bag out slowly, set it on the floor, bent over,  put his head right down in the trash can and sucked in a deep breath.

This was followed by surprised (!) exclamations of disgust and much other dramatic self-expression.

Because, you know, when you're a 13 year old boy you just can't take Mom's word for it, now can you?


leah said...

There is no better teacher than experience... HAHAHAHA!

I guess next time he'll just take your word on it, lol.

Organizing Mommy said...

One can NEVER be too careful about the trash you know. Make sure it smells good and ripe BEFORE you take it out.. LOL. Your home sounds so funny!

My mother read about my hedgehog post and I could tell by her reaction that she wasn't sure if she should encourage such behavior, "Well, your girls really like that kind of stuff.." (implied: but I am embarrassed by it.. thank you) Oh, MA!

Anonymous said...

Julie - I just wanted you to know that I check your blog almost every day and I LOVE it! This post is especially funny!!! :-) Thanks! ~tricia

Choate Family said...

My boy doesn't trust me either! I think he would fit right in with your crazy, lots of energy crew, but God stuck him in a home with three sisters, bless his little heart :-)