Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Woman #55

For today...  March 29, 2010

Outside my window...  clouds and rain, rain, rain.  And Kerry, weed-whacking.  Now?  Really?

I am thinking...  I really need a spring picture of the house, because it's definitely not snowy, but I'm not ready for the summer picture to go back up!  That tree in the front left is a pink dogwood that will be beautiful in a few weeks.

I am thankful for...  I love singing in the chorale, and preparing and performing Messiah, but I'm also glad we're done.  (See post below.)

I am praying for...  my dad to sing with us next time around... we really need another tenor ;D

I am wearing...  you would be shocked to know that I wore a skirt, three days in a row.  Well, it's dress code, for the chorale, and when church came around Sunday morning I just figured I was on a roll.  I think the boys were shocked.  More about that later.

Back to my jeans, today though.

I am creating...  I'm getting the itch to start another quilt, but working on plans for it...

I am going...  to get the laundry all caught up, after a busy weekend.  Ugh!

I am hoping...  to find my sense of humor.  It goes missing (or malfunctions?) when I get tired.

I am hearing...  the washer spinning, rain dripping, and the weed-whacker.  Which is just strange.

I am remembering...  Kerry, you promised me you would shave before Easter.  I haven't forgotten.  :D

From the learning rooms...  one more week until we take our Spring Break.  Not that I'm counting...

But for now, several experiments to do with crystals are underway, Gunnar is beginning multiplication (x2, x10, and x7), Tate lives for history, and Wyatt thinks I'm exacting some kind of cruel and unusual torture by forcing him to respond to (written) questions with complete sentences.  We're reading about the Industrial Revolution, the Luddites, and Child Labor... which will probably prompt some interesting discussions about chore expectations around the house.  I predict more than a slight discrepancy in perception from the adults and the kids involved in the equation.  Yah.

From the kitchen...  nothing!  We're invited to friends' for dinner.  We had them over once before and had a nice time, despite the apparent way Gunnar described them.

Around the house...  I have two chairs I want to get rid of.  If you're local and interested... they're swivel rockers with a swirly beige/gold and purple leaf pattern.  Nothing wrong with them, we just have too much stuff.

On my mind... the mundane, my friends, the very mundane.

Noticing that... the big, fat, bumble-bees are out and busy.

Pondering these words...  When Handel's Messiah premiered in London he was complimented by an aristocrat for having entertained the audience.  He is said to have replied,
"My lord, I should be sorry to say that I only entertained.  I wished to make them better."
One of my favorite things...  changing seasons.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  soccer, soccer, and more soccer.  *sigh*  Dinner with friends, piano lesson, AWANA.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

Coming soon, to a yard near you... the season of Mud.


Felicity said...

I love the photo! My kids would join that sort of thing in a flash!
I hope you find your sense of humour - it's too good to 'lose';-)
Have a great week!

The dB family said...

You photo would explain the super size bottles of spray and wash. I hope you have a mud/grass/dirt/slush room. They're really the best -- except if its the same door that company has to use. *sigh*


leah said...

I missed this post somehow! I love that picture of Gunnar in the mud. Honestly, I think my boys love "mud season" best of all (oh, the poor bath tub)!