Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blitzing Boys

Oh be still my organizing, tidying heart.  The boys got up early and...

cleaned the family room.

All on their own, without being asked.  And that was before Kerry offered them money to find the watch he's lost.

I've been letting the house go just a wee little bit.  Between being sick, leaving for a weekend, soccer starting, and two Messiah performances coming up this weekend,  I have just deferred a lot of things.  Like changing all the flannel sheets back to regular sheets, dust-mopping under the beds (and, well, everywhere else upstairs), scrubbing the kitchen floor, and The Family Room.  The dreaded Family Room.

Honestly, the family room had taken on a life of its own, it was so bad.  Piles of books, several blankets just thrown somewhere, two or three of Kerry's jackets, endless Legos, more books, and somewhere - I'm sure, because it's been missing since Sunday - Gunnar's beloved Silly Putty.  It was BAD.  I hadn't even taken pictures, and the ones from a previous blitz have nothing on this mess.

I don't even go in there.  And the bathroom off the family room?  Haven't been in there for days.  Maybe weeks.  But that's okay, because we can do a Friday Blitz and conquer it all, right?

But they got up and cleaned it!  And they did a good job!  It's actually TIDY in there and I'm not going to get a nervous breakdown just looking in the door!

Books are shelved, Legos are sorted and in tubs, blankets are folded, garbage is picked up, DVDs are in a box, jackets are... well... somewhere,  toys are in the toybox, garbage in the garbage can, and the Silly Putty has been found.  I'm impressed.

Granted... they had a motive.  Screen-time.  There's a game they want to play when they're done with their school-work today.



leah said...

Wow! Awesome job!

My house looks AWFUL right now. Seriously awful. As in: if this house could flush, I would be grateful.

Sigh... we're going to be doing quite a bit of "blitzing" this Friday, too! Honestly, the toys are starting to take over... a trip to the Salvation Army is in order!

Ruby said...

What a great treat for you, Mum! (Ocassionally happens here on a small scale) I am a bit iffy about that bathroom. If you haven't been there in so long....boys and bathrooms???? ugh!

Organizing Mommy said...

I feel honored.. blitzing and all. I need to do a link up, hey?