Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lenten Messiah

(I know, these photos are from Christmas...)

We gathered in October to begin rehearsing the Christmas Messiah - which was glorious.  Then took a brief break through January, and reconvened in early February to learn the less-well-known Lenten portions of Handel's work.

The same doubts go through my head each week.  Is it worth it to drive all the way out to the church every Monday night?  I'm usually gone from about 5:45 until... late.  And I'm a home-body.  I'd love to curl up in a chair in the living room with a candle burning and a good book to read.  Especially on these short days, when it's dark out by 5:30!

But every time it happens.  I get out there and I love it.  The music, the people, and the way the people love the music.  Because we're just ordinary people.  (Okay, some of us are more ordinary than others.  Some of them have real talent!)  But, as Gerald - our conductor and a pastor - says, "Why do you think God gave you breath?  To sing His praises!  Let everything that has breath praise the Lord!"  Psalm 150:6

So we do.  Sometimes with better results than others, but always with a good will.  I mean, it's God's Word.  I want to do my best, so as not to detract from the message.

As at Christmas, we had an orchestra playing with us, and they were fabulous.  A music reviewer could say it better, but they add flavor that is missing with just piano/organ.  And oh boy did they bring the Hallelujah to life.  We did not do Handel's Hallelujah, having just done it at Christmas, but used Beethoven's, from The Mount of Olives.  (You can hear it here.)  Gives me shivers.  Good shivers.

I feel I've been launched into Holy Week, with a passion!


Sarah said...

Hi, I'm Sarah from Vic, Australia! I followed your blog from Ruby's, I liked the name of your! Anyway, I homeeschool Joshua (9) and Grace (5)! Hope to connect! xxx

leah said...

Happy Palm Sunday!

I honestly can't believe that Easter is NEXT WEEKEND. Winter/Spring has flown by incredibly fast- yikes!

The dB family said...

Just reading your post gave me shivers. There is nothing like good music that sings praises to our Lord!