Monday, March 8, 2010

Simple Woman #51

For today...  March 8, 2010

Outside my window...  looks like we'll get some sun today, but more rain is on the way.  Birds, birds, birds... they wake us up with the daylight.  Drives Kerry nuts (especially in the summer, when it's light at about 4:30!) but I like it.

I am thinking...  I don't know.  The way things are going, keeping a sense of humor is my lifeline to sanity.

I am praying for... Kerry.  Yes, for work, but right now for his health.  He's sick with bronchitis - an annual (or semi-annual?) event.  His immunities aren't exactly great.

I am wearing...   *sigh*   A grass skirt, two coconut halves, my plastic be-jeweled princess tiara, and Jimmy ChoosAs if!  It's a toss up as to what would kill me first - hypothermia, humiliation, or the injuries I would sustain just trying to walk over to the mirror... where I would die laughing.

I am creating... snark.  With a side of sarcasm.  And that's about all.

I am going... to try to fill another laundry basket with stuff to get rid of.

i am reading...  I've been picking up the LOTR books when the boys set them down and reading through, refreshing my memory before Saturday's movie marathon.  Tate read through all four books (including The Hobbit) in less than four weeks.  Way to go, Tater-bug!

I am hoping... that Wyatt will be joining us.  He hates being pressured, wants to read "at my own pace".  And I don't want to pressure him.  He's really close though, just started the third book last night, and I want to encourage him.

Meanwhile, Gunnar knows that LOTR is a bit beyond him so he's decided to read through the Narnia books on his own.  Woo-hoo!

I am hearing... much quiet.  Everyone is reading :o)

I am remembering... one Sunday morning when Wyatt was little.  You know how Sunday mornings are with little kids...  Mom gets up, showers, dresses, gets the kids up, gets them breakfast, gets them dressed, and basically runs around like a chicken with her head cut off.  While Dad rolls out of bed, has a cup of coffee, feeds himself, pulls on some clothes, and wonders why Mom is all stressed.  Add to this, I was eight and a half months along with Tate, there were skunks living under our (old) house whose sole purpose in life was to aggravate my pregnancy-heightened sense of smell, and as Kerry rattled around looking for clothes, a donkey walked into the front yard.

Why I'm remembering this now I have no idea.

From the learning rooms...  China and opium, algebraic equations, root words, and drinkable iron.  Probably more, but I've forgotten.

Around the house...  be proud; the Valentine things are put away.

On my mind...  soccer practice starts this week.  The weather forecast is low 40's and rain.  Fun!

Noticing that... taco salad always makes me thirsty.  Very thirsty.

Pondering these words...  Non posse, non peccare.  Not able to not sin.  As in, born in sin.  Born sinful. 

One of my favorite things... fresh sheets, especially line-dried.  Well, line-dried anything.  Even towels.  Of course they're rough, but hey - you can dry and exfoliate at the same time!  Because we're all about being efficient.

A few plans for the rest of the week...  MIT, Messiah rehearsal, piano lesson, AWANA, PTO day, soccer practice, LOTR marathon.

Good grief.  Look at all those acronyms.  You'd think I joined the military.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...  

This isn't a new photo, as we've had NO snow this winter.
I think Wyatt took it last year.
Does snow bend?
Why, yes - yes it does.


Cutzi said...

So many things about this post make me chuckle. Too many to comment on individually but I am left realizing that we still have Christmas cards hanging. Hm... maybe I should take those down today.

Deborah said...

I love your Simple Woman posts! I always get a chuckle. Your new outfit sounds stylin' :oD!

Praying Kerry feels better soon!


Felicity said...

I REALLY enjoyed this! Laughed all the way. Have a good week, hope it warms up soon.

tammy said...

I LOVE your Simple Woman posts! Makes my mind open up to some of the things you write about as well. I love line dried sheets too, and maybe now that we're finally out of the city, I can try it this spring ... mmmmmm such a great reminder of childhood.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Glad to bring you all a giggle - I have sorely needed one :0)

And, to be fair, there's fresh snow in the hills today and I'm not any kind of fashion maverick... sitting here in my jeans, purple sweater, and turquoise wool socks. Boring, but warm :D

Organizing Mommy said...

grass skirt and coconut halves.. did you steal mine? Cuz I was going to wear those today! I found my own tiara, thankyou. HIlarious.

O.K. I have it. We email back and forth over an issue, and then we BOTH PUBlish it on our own blogs.

We could start with a question like: how often do you pluck your chin hairs?

And then we respond and banter back and forth and hit publish on the same day or something.

No new blog/ and just respond when you can to the email. yes? no? e

Mrs. Santos said...

This really made me smile - especially your "I am wearing" post...I'm still laughing. I noticed you are in the Pacific am did snow around here today, and the birds are waking us up too.

Blessings to you,

leah said...

A DONKEY walked into your yard?!! Hilarious! Our mornings are getting a bit easier now that Matt has turned four (oh, the joy once they can dress themselves)! Trying to get to church with a 2 year old and a baby used to be really, really hard though!

I'm impressed that Gunnar is reading the Narnia books- I read three of them when I was nine, and spent most of the time wondering what in the world a "wireless" was, lol! I remember having a hard time with the Magician's Nephew, though it is one of my favorites now. I can't wait to read them to Matt when he gets just a little bit older.