Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More Vocabulary

Wyatt and Tate are having a hard time not talking too much about the LOTR in front of Gunnar, who hasn't read the book yet.  I keep telling them not to spoil it for him. 

Gunnar is a good reader, and he could probably make himself read through all of those books, but he wouldn't enjoy it yet.  Wyatt took up that theme and began to list some of the places in the book with less action.  "Oh, that chapter on the Council of Elrond went on and on forever, and then....."

Tate, not wanting Gunnar to be discouraged, interrupted.

Wyatt, stop being so foreboding!

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leah said...

Foreboding! Seriously, if your boys ever take the SAT, they'll do very well. Goodness gracious- all that reading has definitely helped their language skills!